Food Safety

In daily practice, we believe that producing high-quality, safe fish and fishery products is absolutely critical to the ongoing value and success of our business and your business. One of our biggest risks as a company is food safety. This is why we adhere to the highest safety standard and principles of HACCP to monitor food safety riskes throughout all stages of our vertically integrated production process.

Even with all of the progress made in food safety, we are not satisfied and continuously seek ways to further reduce the risk of food-borne illness and to advance best in our business. These include upgrades to facilities, processing and sanitizing equipments, and metal detectors. 

Own Fleet of Fishing Vessels and Pier

By operating our own fishing fleets and controlling the fishing operations, we ensure that the fish is handled according to strict handling and preservation guidelines for it to retain desirable quality and food safety. This in turn guarantees that, upon reaching our own pier, the fish is delivered to the next process in a fresh and undamaged condition.

We currently operate five medium-sized, pole-and-line vessels to catch yellowfin and skipjack tuna, and several smaller-sized purse seiners to specially catch scad fish/muroaji using customized fishing nets. To increase our production output, in early 2014 we are going to deploy additional four units of purse seiners and two units of pole-and-line vessels, all with larger carrying capacity.

Own Docking Yard

To ensure stable supply of raw fish material, we take really good care of our fishing vessels. By having our own docking yard, all our fishing vessels are subject to routine checks and maintenance by certified marine engineers.